Az Analysis Services valószínűleg marad a régi

Marco Russo elég közel áll a tűzhöz ahhoz, hogy elhiggyük neki: Valószínűleg nem fog egetrengető újdonságokat tartalmazni az Analysis Services következő verziója

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If Bing translated your post to me well enough, maybe I've been misunderstanded. SQL11 will introduce important changes in Analysis Services with the Vertipaq engine, which is now used by PowerPivot. However, you will have to choose whether to create a cube using the traditional MOLAP engine (and in this case our book will be good) or to create a Vertipaq cube, that will require a different knowledge, which is the one you can get today by learning PowerPivot (DAX will be an important part of the knowledge you need in Vertipaq). Thanks for linking to my blog! Marco

Bing more or less translated my post correctly and you are absolutely right too. But Analysis Services means MOLAP for me (and not data mining and not Vertipaq engine). I am working with Analysis Services since Microsoft bought it so it would be hard to change my mind :-). Thank you for your comment. I never thought somebody would read my blog outside my country. Especially an man like you. :-) Thanks.

I've seen the trackback (don't ask me why 3 months after your post... the trackback was created today, who knows...) and I read your post. Take a look at the next SSAS version, anyway. Vertipaq is very good for leaf-level queries and we might see many (but not all, anyway) of the features we know and love in MOLAP cubes.

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